As a hyperactive twenty-five year old, it won't come as a surprise I'm an avid gamer. I first started gaming when I was pretty young, playing "My Friend Koo" on PC. I was addicted to that game, even though I never managed to complete it. No, really, up until this day, I haven't completed it. Firstly, because at the time I was, like, eight. Now I can't find the game anymore, and the disk I had as a child doesn't work on my current gen PC. But from there, my whole gaming hobby started. From that innocent game I went on to Freddy Fish (shut up) and the Harry Potter video games. That, in turn, led me to the Star Wars video games, and from there I fell into a little more main stream gaming, like Oblivion, Fable, Fallout, Assassin's Creed and the likes. Right now my addiction is Destiny (both the first and second) and I want to get into the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne.

YouTube and Streaming

When I was 18, I tried my hand at recording gameplay and commentary. I tried making my own "Let's Play" of Oblivion and Borderlands 2. This was not a success, because at the time I had no idea on how these things take time, effort and planning. I did none of those things. I just pressed record on Fraps (Hah) and started chatting into my microphone. This went on for about a month or two, and I managed to get halfway into Oblivion before realising that each of my videos had about seven views, most of which were my own friends, leaving comments like "Dude, are you alright? Do I need to call a doctor?".

From then on, I vowed never to record Let's Plays again, and instead started watching them instead. I learned so much from that. I started following this company called Rooster Teeth, and in particular their "Achievement Hunter" division. I started with this gem, and went on from there. I became a huge fan.

These days I stream on Twitch and post my archive on YouTube. I might actually start posting some pre-recorded Let's Plays as well, as I'm trying to find the right game and format to start with that. Also editing software. I need that.

My Gaming Profiles

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